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Dave Merriott.jpg

Dave Merriott, AKA Blisters is an original member of Team R2R. Dave is a civilian that works in Desktop support but considers supporting veterans a personal responsibility that we all share.

Dave "Blisters" Merriott
Lino "L.T." Di Julio

Lino Di Julio is the founder of Ruck 2 Remember and spearheads the Road to Recovery event annually. He's a devoted Christian, a business analyst, a designer and a proud dad and husband.

Jon Aldworth-jpg.jpg
Jon "Powder Butt" Aldworth

Jon Aldworth is another founding member that also spearheads the annual "Canuck Ruck for the Homeless". He is an active duty member of the G&S Foresters and a champion mustache grower. 

Nathan Desborough.jpg
Nathan "Princess" Desborough

Nathan has been with Team R2R since the first Road to Recovery event. A military contractor working on jets he enjoys the comforts commonly associate with the air force. Pillows. Bath Robes. Air Conditioning. Etc, all joking aside tho he's a hard charger just like the rest.

Noel Gracie.jpg
Noel "Gracie Lou" Gracie

Noel has also been with the team since the first year, and in many ways is the heart of Team R2R. Retired from 2 PPCLI he works in the trades these days and is often the point man on the Road to Recovery ruck, often leading the pack during the event itself. 

Phil Owen.jpg
Phil "GQ" Owen

Phil is a recent addition to the team but a welcome one, a father of two, devout Christian and former reservist with the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry he currently works as an Electrician. 

Sébastien " Clark Kent" Chartrand

The newest member of our team, Sebastien started with us last year and did amazing. A veteran himself, he served with 1 R22r "The Vandoos" but now a days makes his living doing IT infrastructure. Sebastien is a devout Christian and loving husband.

Chris "Grumpy" Kivell

Chris served in the CAF for over 20yrs before transitioning to civilian life where he currently serves as a volunteer Firefighter and an Instructor at Robert Land Academy, a military school for boys. He has handled logistics for R2R for 5 years.

Laurie Andrusiek

Laurie is a civilian who likes to spend her spare time pursuing adventure and through a series of events landed on GORUCK. A project manager by day, Laurie combined her leadership skills and passion for rucking by starting the Manitoba Ruck Club, a community of ruckers closer to home.

Joey DiMauro.jpg
Joey Dimauro

Joey is a military Veteran with over 20+ years of experience under his belt with the PPCLI. Joey comes to us with much experience in both the fitness world and with rucking having completed the 2021 Virtual Road to Recovery in an impressive 12 days.

Sach Latti.jpg
Sach Latti

Sach Latti is life long athlete, a competitive body builder and BJJ competitor but perhaps most significantly recently completely a 100km run in a single day raising $20,801 for the Royal Canadian Legion in B.C.

Paul Williams.png
Paul Williams

Paul has served in a uniform of one sort or another since he was 10 years old. From Navy League, to Cub Scouts, to Cadets through his time in the Governor Generals Horse Guard. Paul is a para-athlete with complex post traumatic stress and stage 1 emphysema and has an incredible amount of experience in endurance events. 

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