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Each year our signature event takes place in the later part of the summer. The event, called Road To Recovery, covers roughly 2km for each Military, Police, Paramedic and Firefighter lost the year before. Typically this results in around 150 to 160km.


It is our hope that one day this event will be a short trek. Yet, every day these professions put themselves at risk for us and sometimes they don't come home, so we honor them in this way. The event itself moves around, the first year (2013) was the longest, as it honored every military member we lost in the Global War on Terror. The route was from Hamilton, ON to Parry Sound, ON traversing over 300km carrying bricks engraved with the names of the fallen.


Each year since, we've continued the tradition of doing a ruck march to honor the fallen of the year before. This is not simply a feel good exercise, we also use the event to reduce the hardship that some of our military and, police veterans face. During the months leading up to the event we raise money for Operation: Leave The Streets Behind, a charity maintained by the Royal Canadian Legion.


Operation: Leave The Streets Behind helps military and, police veterans facing homelessness to get back on to their feet. So far, this program helped to get 752 different veterans transition off the streets and into permanent sustainable housing. We are looking forward to even greater success as we go forward

Total Raised So Far: $423,249.67

In the past we have conducted our annual ruck march for a distance that equates to 2km for every veteran, and first responder that passed away the year before. Typically this would result in a 4 day ruck that would take us over 130-164km of land, mostly on the shoulder of highways and streets. This year however we're going bigger and we'll be covering over 900km as we trek through the entirety of the Bruce Trail. The last year has seen exceedingly difficult times for the military and law enforcement and we thought it was prudent to reflect that in our event. 


Day 1 step off from Branch 290 - July 5th (Tues)

Day 4 Stay at and Day 5 Step Off Branch 202

Day 8 lunch at Branch 208

Day 9 End at Branch 586

Day 10 Step off at Branch 586

Day 10 End at Memorial branch 6

Day 11 Step off at Memorial Branch 6

Day 11 Lunch at Branch 32 Meaford

Day 11 end at Branch 464

Day 12 Start at Branch 464

Day 12 End at Branch 281

Day 13 Start at Branch 281

Day 14 Lunch at Br. 333

Day 16 End at br. 63

Day 17 Start at br. 63

Day 18 End at Br.397

Day 19 Start at Br. 397

Day 20 End at Br. 220

Day 21 Start at Br. 220

Day 21 End at br. 233

Day 22 start at Br. 233

Day 23 End at br. 449

Day 24 start at br. 449

Day 24 End at br. 442

Day 25 Start at br.442

Day 25 Lunch at Br. 197

Day 25 End at Br.120

Day 26 Start at Br.120

Day 27 End at br. 60

Day 28 Start at br.60

Day 28 lunch at br. 551

Day 28 End at Br. 36

Day 29 Start at Br. 36

Day 29 End at br. 163

Day 30 Start at Br.163

Day 30 end at Br. 622

Day 31 Start at br. 622

Day 31 End at br. 612

Day 32 Start at Br. 612

Day 33 Start at Br.24 (St. Catherine's)

Day 33 End at Br.17

day 34 start at Br. 17

Day 34 End at Br. 124 - August 8th (Sunday)

Road to Recovery 2021  Photo Gallery
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