We're happy to do the work, to get the rucks on our back and pound pavement raising awareness for Veterans and first responders facing, or currently experiencing homelessness, but we need your help to actually solve the problems. To date we've raised over $100,000 for this event because of generous donors and we'd love it if you consider becoming on of those donors. All donations online are tax deductible, and receipts are usually sent at the end of the year.


We're always looking for new members to join the R2R team! Whether as a Rucker or as support doing chase vehicle duty, or media. If you have a skill set that you think could help us raise awareness and funds to end veteran homeless reach out. We'd love to hear from you, just email admin@ruck2remember.comif you want to join the ruck march itself, click the button to the left and sign up!


If you're a business owner, or even you're a huge believer in our cause then consider becoming a sponsor for the Road 2 Recovery event. If you're potentially interested in this click the button to the left to request a sponsorship packet, we'd love to talk to you! No matter how big or small your business, if you believe in what we do please don't hesitate to reach out.